Taking Stock: Cap 8of12

Day 243 going 244 of 365. Crazy how time flies! A day to my birth month. Okay let's say a few hours...but the fact that I have decided to type this in August... We shall forget why I call this chapter 8 when its the beginning of Chapter 9.lol. I ramble and digress. Below is... Continue Reading →


Lessons From SZA (Ctrl)

  Would you believe me if I said that I was thinking about nothing? As a thinker, sometimes it is hard to describe to another person what may be really "troubling" your mind. I get that coz I am that kind of person. I lose sleep even when it is really not that necessary, laugh... Continue Reading →

Taking Stock: When 6 and 7 had to be 1.

So... I have kinda gotten fond of this stock collection thingy... I didn't do last month well...because the book I had seemed nice for a while until some of you made me feel missed. So here I am... Making: Time to write in my judicial attachment logbook. The most tasking thing EVER!!! Cooking:  Dinner in... Continue Reading →

Where I have Been.

Hi you! As usual...this shall be a conversation we have that may not make sense...but go along with me anyway. So I owe you an apology because I feel like for the past few months I have not been able to be myself. Myself enough to let myself be in this space. I miss those... Continue Reading →

Taking Stock: Cap 5 of 12.

First, I must put it out there how my laptop has been driving me all shades of insane...Hence the very few posts of late...anyhu.. not to worry, I am officially on holiday- kind of- and I am hoping to finally get it fixed. Otherwise...May has been pretty hectic with the exams and all but I... Continue Reading →

A dose of my QLC (Part 2)

It has really been a minute since I let you guys in on what the world has had me thinking about. It has been frustrating trying to get exactly what to say to be honest...BUT! I promise, I am still thriving in the usual Quarter Life Crisis. Is that really something to gush about? Anyway... Continue Reading →

Taking Stock: Chapter 4 of 12

Hey guys!! We have gotten through the first quarter of the year. I will say, so far, so good. I have been really enjoying the growth we are experiencing as a team. Thank you. Below is a small account of the vibes I have been experiencing through the past few days since we last spoke.... Continue Reading →

P E R S P E C T I V E!

I spend so much time alone lately. I do not know what it is exactly about socializing with the human race that makes me so exhausted. I have not been out in days and now I am slowly getting in touch with my being... No! I am not about to start telling you I am... Continue Reading →

Taking Stock: Cap 3 of 12

Making: Changes on my blog! Changed themes! Let me know if you like it. Cooking: ...still nothing. Drinking: A cup of coffee Reading: about East African Integration. Wanting: a vacation. or let's just say a trip away from Nairobi. Deciding: on how exactly I want my week to go. Wishing: I had the power to... Continue Reading →

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