24 Lessons Learned by a 24 Year old human.

24 lessons by a 24 year old.


Cultivating Habits…

Saying YES. I have been held up in some sort of space in my life for a while and I feel that this is the time for me to let go and allow myself to find more potential or space for growth. This idea of change did not come with the "New Year" season, it... Continue Reading →

Taking Stock: Cap 8of12

Day 243 going 244 of 365. Crazy how time flies! A day to my birth month. Okay let's say a few hours...but the fact that I have decided to type this in August... We shall forget why I call this chapter 8 when its the beginning of Chapter 9.lol. I ramble and digress. Below is... Continue Reading →

Lessons From SZA (Ctrl)

  Would you believe me if I said that I was thinking about nothing? As a thinker, sometimes it is hard to describe to another person what may be really "troubling" your mind. I get that coz I am that kind of person. I lose sleep even when it is really not that necessary, laugh... Continue Reading →

Taking Stock: When 6 and 7 had to be 1.

So... I have kinda gotten fond of this stock collection thingy... I didn't do last month well...because the book I had seemed nice for a while until some of you made me feel missed. So here I am... Making: Time to write in my judicial attachment logbook. The most tasking thing EVER!!! Cooking:  Dinner in... Continue Reading →

Where I have Been.

Hi you! As usual...this shall be a conversation we have that may not make sense...but go along with me anyway. So I owe you an apology because I feel like for the past few months I have not been able to be myself. Myself enough to let myself be in this space. I miss those... Continue Reading →

Taking Stock: Cap 5 of 12.

First, I must put it out there how my laptop has been driving me all shades of insane...Hence the very few posts of late...anyhu.. not to worry, I am officially on holiday- kind of- and I am hoping to finally get it fixed. Otherwise...May has been pretty hectic with the exams and all but I... Continue Reading →

A dose of my QLC (Part 2)

It has really been a minute since I let you guys in on what the world has had me thinking about. It has been frustrating trying to get exactly what to say to be honest...BUT! I promise, I am still thriving in the usual Quarter Life Crisis. Is that really something to gush about? Anyway... Continue Reading →

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