Choosing a path

As the year began I decided that I will come out of my comfort zone.
Pretty much meaning I shall stop being lazy and do what my brain is constantly telling me to do.
So far it’s going well.
Well apart from the blog….I would like to believe I’m doing okay…I mean I cut my hair!on the sides! That screams a lot right?! I’d like to think so.
I keep so much thought piled up in my brain it’s insane!
Explaining why I have taken forever to write my second post

Anyway my main aim of today’s post is to share on what I’ve been reflecting on lately.

Choosing a path…

“choosing a path means having to miss out on the others”

Over the past few months of this year I’ve realised that finding a path to choose is not as easy as it sounds or puts itself out to be.
Has it ever…
Challenges present themselves even before you actually begin on the path you choose to pick.
I remember about three years ago when I received my form four results and I didn’t quite know what to do.
I was devastated and at the same time relieved basing on how I spent my time in that school…(story for another day) and at the end of the day…
I had to choose.
Find a way forward because there’s no way I’d hang around with what I got ( c minus)
The path I chose was hard tiring traumatizing…name it but I chose to be strong about whatever this life was.
Choosing that path also brought about the huge benefits I’m living today
What I’m trying to say is that it never makes sense in the beginning…it never will….until when you set out with a positive mind set and let it be….
Your choice of path put together with a positive attitude led by God will indisputably lead to greatness…
Just as the Bible says in Deuteronomy31:8

it is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you, He will not leave you nor forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.

Have a blessed week lovely people.
God bless you


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