One Sided Love Story.

Bazuli Bemhlaba

Greeting Earth Dwellers, Here’s a love story; one that we envisioned but couldn’t express. Their words made the story all it is.


Microphone check, one one two . . .

Hey baby. Nataka kukuona ju, sura yako inafanya roho inapona. If love is a beat,you are my drummer. I’ll dance to your beat forever. [we’ll go] Dancing in the sunlight, it’ll be alright. [or] Dancing in the moonlight, everything will be just fine. Did the sun come up too soon? Did you want to fly around the moon? So, can i walk in the rain with you? Do you mind?

Maybe you really have to go? Where are you going? Busy baby Disco? Maybe it’s good for you. I don’t know. If it were up to me, ungekaa hapa na mi. So much at stake. There’s something about your body that’s cold as ice. Can i have another chance?

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