The Unexpected

Cancer. Something I heard about one two many times but I did not quite have the real feel of it until recently (a year ago). Like a bad dream she came and took over our lives. A close person to my heart was diagnosed with the cancer of the colon. I must say it was pretty unexpected…(does anyone ever expect to be diagnosed with cancer really?!) I say this because she was one of the last people anyone would envision to be sick especially with that. Days have gone and a year has past…a very trying time for her and the family too. Took some time to actually believe that this was happening but what could we do? Treatment began, and lots of sacrifices was made. But what melted the hearts of most was her persistent nature to be strong. She is strongest woman I know. As much as she is not really in the best state… It’s pretty hard though you know…hard to try figure out what exactly you could do to make things better…impossible to reverse time and make sure things were done in a better way but it is what it is. Days will be dark now but I know we will see brighter days. I know there will be brighter days.


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