A little piece of me (part one)

So for quite some time I have been underwater… well all because of Writer’s block. Although there have been quite some things that have been going through my mind. Like, do you guys even know who This Driee (Audrey) Onyango is? I basically say what goes on through my mind. To be honest of late nothing at all makes sense. I came across the saying STRIVE FOR PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION. ( the main aim of starting this blog was to basically find an outlet for the zillion things that seem to be crammed in my head not to search for perfection because i am far from that.)

strive for progress

I have not exactly been that much of a perfectionist but i surely prefer order to chaos. And i have always been the one to try something new, I’m also pretty fast at dropping things too. I wonder what exactly the name to give to that quality i hold. (Whoever knows whatever this is I have going on with myself… please comment below 🙂 )

So let me give you a short story about myself.. or rather share a part of my life. This is the time when i studied in Uganda. I am thinking this will be that part of me I will be sharing with the world.

For Kenyans, well the first thing that comes to mind when one says he or she is going to study there are for sure going to have a ball, the parties, pretty cheap adorable clothes and all…… WELL…that was not exactly the story. I’m sure you guys are wondering why exactly I went to Uganda. I did not do too well in my final year exams and so to upgrade my grades in order to be able to do what I was deeply longing to do…(law which i am currently pursuing)

So this school, first things first had me cut my hair. HA it was such a joke at the time. Funny thing is… now i cannot deal with long hair. What they required was 1/4 an inch. YES QUARTER AN INCH!!! I am not joking by the way and it was to be trimmed as soon as possible like each time your hair could be combed and not brushed, YOU NEEDED TO BE AT THE BARBERS PRONTO. What really broke my heart was the fact that my “hair journey” had just reached a smooth road…it was grown and healthy and stuff… ladies i know you somehow relate to the pinch I experienced. Anyway the day came….and I was to travel. I went by bus at around 7 am… butterflies in my tummy tears too for many reasons i think i will put up in another post… you know all that comes with going to a new place. I went with my mother dearest, for moral support and well you know, so that I do not get lost in Kampala hehehe or many other reasons. That trip marked the beginning of many more that always started with me crying like a little child. (I swear the people who got the chance to sit next to me… had a zillion questions to ponder on on our 14 hours SHOUT OUT TO ALL OF YOU BY THE WAY) Its serious yo! someone once asked me if I was in senior 3 hahahahaha bish priss i was huge! too huge to be in senior 3 (form 3). Anyway I didn’t really get to see much on my trip, well because i had all the jitters in the world and it was pretty hard to focus even with my mum pointing out the ”you must know these places spots”. We got to the capital, Kampala…at around 9pm. For a Nairobi girl, the place did no really strike me as i was expecting it to. Although on the way as we crossed the border into Kampala, the ambiance was so relaxing and breath taking. I loved how green this country was! The air was so clean…. It was simply BEAUTIFUL.  So my guardian and second mummy came to get us from the bus stop accompanied by her son ( a real sweetheart I by the way). We were warmly welcomed to the country and the very comfortable home. And this was when the plug was pulled out and drained my sea of imagination of how my school shall really look like. Ronnie, my guardians son, coincidentally went to that school too…

Of course it was the total opposite of what I had in mind. Trust me if at all I knew what i was putting myself into, I WOULD NOT HAVE CUT MY HAIR AND SAT DOWN FOR ALL THOSE HOURS! I went to bed traumatized and in obvious denial that maybe that was during their time way back when… things might be less serious and critical. hahahaha of course this was another joke on me…

Anyway the next day came and I kept telling mum not to pay for fees for a place we did not see! It seemed i was pretty inaudible during this whole time. We went to Nakumatt, did the last minute shopping and you know the get back to school routine. We get into the car and continue with the days plans which led me to the school I spent the 2 years in… NAMIREMBE HILLSIDE HIGH SCHOOL.

As we drove towards the school…. My jaw dropped and tears welled in my eyes. NO they were not tears of joy. I was fucking scared! What was this I was willingly putting myself in!!!!!! I wanted to jump out of the car but it wasn’t going fast enough for them to consider taking me to hospital or back home.

We drive in and I look at my mum. The look I gave her was confused, hurt and scared. Funny enough mum had the same look on her face. She squeezed my hand and echoed the name of the school. My heart was racing but I had to put on a fake smile, just so that I could reduce the level of awkwardness that came with the whole scenario.

We step out and I see…..

                                    (to be continued)


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