The beginning of a Journey…

I’m alone in a room. My thoughts, as usual. Nothing new is going on in here and I am forever alone in here as I’d like to think. Okay people come here to visit once in a while they never seem to be interested to stay a while and deal with whatever is going on in here. Anyway I am in this space… its not so big but just right. I need an escape maybe, you know, to gather new things to ponder or obsess about for a while. For the thrill. What shall I do though? Think I will go out there and finally do the attachment. YES! That will at least take my mind for a spin. I approach my dad and inform him that I have decided to spice up my holiday, just a little bit by joining him at work. He of course is so excited and warns me of how early we have to be ready for work. (BUT THIS IS NOT WHAT WE WANT, AS IN TO WAKE UP SO EARLY!) I ignore my thoughts and smile, telling him to trust that I will be up and ready. (What will the rest think of me in the office tomorrow? I really hope I’m not looked at as a spoiled brat who wants to know what daddy does at work and look cool in suits and all) sigh. I turn off the lights in this room and fall asleep with whispers in my head wondering what this adventure will lead me to. ! My alarm goes off. God I hate the fact that I have gone back to this system WILLINGLY anyway I say a short prayer to God and get my small bum up to go shower. Lights are back on in my factory but there’s not too much going on there. anyway I dress up fast and dash downstairs. Not too sure of how I look for my first day! In my head those SUITS guys would take me in meeen. Well at least in my innermost imagination….hehehe ANYWAY I quickly swallow my breakfast and get into the car. (I did not even ask what exactly I will be doing in this office!) Anyway I finally got here and assumed my sit next to the most awesome secretary! I was obviously scared of the claws sharpened in readiness for my coming hahaha. (this was probably the most wrong thought that room processed by the way.) I was warmly welcomed and I had the main mission of not standing out but fitting in. I was, The Intern. Of course I was immediately shifted to the room I was expected to assume, and met one of the most beautiful souls! Someone you’d think I have known for a lifetime. Anyway my first day did not have much to talk about… lets jump to thee day I actually made the highlight of my year YET! keyword folks, YET! ! I am up early again. My little office in my head is not really talking to me much, which is weird. I carry out my new routine and head to the office with my old man. This ride however has information… I am going to court. Big deal! Well mainly because I was breaking my court virginity on this day…aaaaand I got to see my dad doing his thing (being someone else’s superman for the moment) So we pull up to the scene… P.S this is Kibera Law Courts! If you could only see the look on my face and the anxiety I had Oh My God! It’s safe to say that I looked like a newcomer in a new country where people don’t smile and carry HUGE files along the corridors. We got into this really small room with thee most uncomfortable seats in the universe crammed with people of all sorts…ready to poach the illest lawyer in the courtroom. lol. So the action began and I was still in so much awe. Dazed by the fact that so many people can fit in one room avoiding two whole benches because probably the police sat on them… and also dazed by the fact that what we watch on these series is not entirely true( for those who watch these series to be a good lawyer… I suggest you take a trip down to your local courtroom) It did not take so much time and we were out! “Next stop Kamiti Maximum Prison!” My heart is racing, the computers in my head cannot quite process what I just heard my dad say but I kept it cool and smiled back saying… “Oh Okay.”  Was I ready? Hell yes I was! Did I want to go? I was wondering why we were driving so slowly! sigh….( THIS IS GOING TO BE AN INTERESTING DAY AUDREY!) I take in deep breaths and smile discreetly. We get to the gate and my mind says… This is it Audrey! the HIGHLIGHT of your boring life! We make our way to the place. I could see some inmates working on different points of the compound with an obviously very alert guard. The looks on their faces screamed for mercy or a probable El Chapo storyline too. Sigh… we walk into the place now. My office in my head is as silent as a grave and I DO NOT WANT ANY sort of distraction! It was so real I left my phone in the car. Anyway so we get past this really heavy gate, and headed to the ‘reception’ we sit there for a while as we wait for the people we came to see to be ready for us. Let me say Kamiti is not what I imagined it to be. Across from us I see a wide board…listing where each person within the prison has gone off to, from the hospital down to the smallest court. It was amazing to me. We were then given tags and escorted to a place where we would be searched. I met a motherly soldier who checked if at all I had anything thats not required past where we stood. (Its really clean here and these cops are really friendly!) We are let past the gate and I see them now. They are so close and yet so far because they cannot dare come close when they aren’t meant to. My dad told me to put on a serious face ehehehe who smiles in prison though?! Anyway we are led into a small office and were given our place with our clients. (again what we see on TV ati people go visit their clients and loved ones in prison and there’s a glass separating you guys..uhmmm that didn’t happen in there) So we met these two very clean and innocent looking inmates, shared views, took down their wishes and of course promised to be back in there soon. As we spoke to them however I couldn’t help but notice the small problems brought into that room. hopes gained and lost as well, secrets revealed and others doomed to be concealed.  Ever since then I have decided to live and love the structure in which my life may be in. It may not be perfect but atleast with some effort I can look back and pat myself on the back saying that It was worth the while. And for once in a very long time, The never sleeping office in my head was quiet and that’s why I have taken quite a long time to put this down  finally.. i want to thank you a whole lot for the support you have given me, and the comments on my last post as well! Honestly it was the inspiration to this post.  hope you enjoyed it. Lots of love, The Intern.


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