Life is quite the movie. The best in my in my opinion. The most intriguing thing we experience but never notice. We are born into this world, grow and fit into different lines yet somehow we all learn to exist in this space God gave us. Life is also a story. We have different genres, opposing views and contradicting ways of looking at whatever is happening to us but at the end of the day we have the capability of falling hopelessly in love with someone with qualities so different as black is to white.

Life for me, like everyone else has had a share of its ups and downs. So many times, I break down and feel like I do not have any energy to deal with whatever I may be going through, but somehow I snap out of it and fix the situation in a way I know best, I have also had the blessing of having the little beauties of life. life. Over the past few months I have learned so much. I must say 2015 has been the year that served me with so many lessons. Lessons I do not think I would have learned if I did not take the time to stop for a minute and get to know myself in a panoramic view. I have had the moments when I literally broke down just because I wanted to, smiled to myself too because I was proud of what I have noticed about myself.

In this very life I have gained the ability to gain understanding that we live very short lives depending on how we chose to live. I have gotten to know that every little time we share with the people we love is forever special no matter how short or boring the event may be. That in all we do we must account for it in the best way possible otherwise we may have lost the real meaning of life. In this very life we have 24 hours to make a day and we have the power to determine how we want the day to look like despite the “horrible” things that may have happened within those hours. I have learned that I should take pictures for memories, memories that wont be erased and looked at in years to come. Each breathing moment is truly a gift that we should treasure. I now know that when you have something to tell someone, say it. No matter how bad it may sound, find means of putting it out there. That when I set my mind straight to do something, I should be sure and do it with no regrets. My mum often says ” When you want to do, something, do it with your all. Even if it is sleeping, SLEEP! If it is eating, EAT don’t be scared of doing what you have decided to do because it’s only you who knows the real reason why you set out to do the deed.

Recently, I lost someone I love and care about oh too dearly. She battled with Cancer for a very long time and finally God took away her pain. She was so strong full of life up up her last breathe. She gave me strength when I knew I was going to crack. She managed to smile through the pain, dance through her sorrow, have the strength to weather each and every storm that came her way up to her very last breathe. She was my aunty. The best friend anyone would love to have all because you would be guaranteed she’d hold tight to all you had and shared even when you fell out. She taught me to always want nothing but the best for myself even in relationships with different people. She was the perfect example of a self loving woman who still had enough to share with the people around her. She was a disciplinarian too. Oh Lord, fail your exams with legit reasons as to why you failed. She didn’t have each and every thing she dreamed of having, but she Thanked God to her very last minute on this earth even for what she was going through. I am so blessed to have had her in my life. A person to emulate in very many ways despite her imperfections.

With that I have decided to put down each and every thought I have, every wish I have as well and of course aim to tick off each thing I have put on my bucket list (say yes to adventure). Even the things I believe are unobtainable. I have decided to look at my life in a different way with a different attitude and share each moment meaningfully. It is very hard to find those who actually can stand by you and hold your hand through all we go through. Try and smile a little more and say I love you, bless you I am sorry and I appreciate you more because we really do not know when we will say it last to those who matter. Grow a love deep for this life I have with the main lesson I have learned that with God NOTHING ever makes sense no matter how hard we try.

Rest In Peace Aunty. Thank You. And I love you


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  1. “In all we do, we must account for it in the best way possible”…That’s my favourite part. Living life the best way I know how, for one day, I’ll be required to account.

    My Dad has always said, “give a person their flowers while they are still alive, so they could smell them and see how pretty they are.” This post has helped me see the wisdom in these simple words.

    Good stuff, really well said…lessons well learned, giving one a lot to think about.

    Deepest condolences though, may she rest in peace.

      1. I really like what Samita’s quote … “give a person their flowers while they are still alive, so they could smell them and see how pretty they are.”…so true! from now on i will be doing that… lovely work Audrey keep writing. :-*

      2. I loved that statement too!! I’m happy you gained something from here….we only live once…n the life we live is not always the best but we are to make sure the people around us carry with them joyful memories

  2. ‘Try and smile a little more and say I love you, bless you I am sorry and I appreciate you more because we really do not know when we will say it last to those who matter.’ Indeed its true..we will never miss the water till the well runs dry, so now and the many days to come by God’s grace never take anything or anyone for granted and appreciate those around as you appreciate yourself.
    Your thoughts are superb here driee; love it and also deepest condolences too

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