Hello September!



I swear the energy that has come with this new month is quite amazing and frankly it has been a while since I felt this much enthusiasm about a Month! For the first time as well I want to usher in my new year in a different type of way and maintain whatever I want to do. Basically I have been singing a song of coming out of my comfort zone and how much I want to see new things before my year ends. So with this vibe, I hope to attract my tribe – the right tribe of course and maybe together we can find means of exploring the little things we have.

I dearly pray to God that my fortunes change and a little ray of sunshine comes my way. Of late I have been under the weather and I am beginning to get tired of it. I am also praying for the ability to bless each soul I get to meet even in the smallest way possible. I want to be as thankful as I can and embrace all that I couldn’t before.  Basically I want to begin a time in which i am more than positive.

I’d love to have a ‘Must-go-to’ list (any places you guys could recommend please comment below) Like REALLY! Beautiful places that people seldom visit or go to eat. You could join me too if you want to hehehe I am serious.

All the same, I wish you all a beautiful month full of blessings and lots of joy. May you all have all that you wish for and attain all the goals you are aiming for.



6 thoughts on “Hello September!

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  1. It’s just day one of September but it seems like this month has really done a number on you! Lolz!
    Wishing you an adventurers one though…enjoy to the fullest and may this energy flow through to the rest of your year that’s just about to begin 🙂

    1. Het there Job!!! Thank you so so much for the continuos support so far. Well this was a new style I was trying and I am glad you like it. So bado hatuna keki hahaha be blessed and sorry for the late reply dear!

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