Doing Something Different.

I have been quiet for a while and I decided to come out of my hiding place for a while and let you in on whatever I may have been doing or small things I have come to discover in my “sabbatical”.

I know for sure I missed putting down my thoughts here and getting a feel of what you think too. Writer’s block has been the song or rather the excuse I gave myself each time I came here and tried to say what was on my mind. I decided to place myself on a blank page for a while and decided to draw all I was feeling and took time to decide for myself what I feel from deep within. It is not so easy to do such things these days basically because we seek validation from so many avenues. I lost myself in this world for a while and I was determined to accomplish so much but what stopped me each time was the deep want to bring out perfection in all I set out to do. Comparison. Oh something I do so well and its breaking me into teeny tiny pieces and the sad thing is that I let it get to me. Low Self-esteem maybe…I don’t quite know. Anyway as the year came to an end… I decided to let go of all that was influencing my state of mind and took up different vibes that would elevate me to being the person I am meant to be. You know…”exploring my potential“. I cannot give full account of who and what I have cut off but I am taking time within myself to grow and discern what exactly I feel will build me up as an individual. It is not easy because people never understand what you are up to…but do they really have to do what you have to do right?
I’ve been reading Aleph, Paulo Coelho…and the main lesson I have learnt from it is that for you to achieve something we have to place ourselves out of our comfort zone and get a new commitment and take it seriously in order to make something beautiful from ourselves. It is not every time we recognize that we are doing the same  thing on repeat and so we do not get the chance to grow in all aspects except the way we have trained ourselves to look like or be. So this year, I have decided to take certain commitments and I promise to keep y’all posted.
Don’t really have much to say this time..but I would love to hear from you what is that one thing you would love to do for yourself as an individual…or a change you would like to see in yourself or community during this year…long or short term goal…

Take care…
lots of love from me to you.


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