Peace Love and Avocado

I believe the avocado has done enough to at least have an emoji!

For those who follow me on various social media sites must have come across the little phrase in the title and I have received lots of questions basically judging my sanity, also what is it about the avocado and I thought to myself… I think I should express to all of you, what Peace Love and Avocado means to me.

Say that phrase out loud and you will suddenly have a smile on your face! Right? Okay not unless you have a certain hate for Avocado.

I have gone through quite some rough patches in my life especially towards the end of 2015. I lost very important people in my life, changes had to be made and I had to grow out of the shell I liked to hide in. Felt good for a minute but I won’t lie how hard and painful it was for me especially when I had to smile through whatever pain I harbored deep within my soul….and then I met…
Peace. Love and Avocado.
I discovered a deep love and beauty deep within my soul, a beauty I had never felt and I started taking each little thing I felt deeply.My emotions and thoughts, ambitions and dreams became more clear to my not so clear sight and I appreciated that I am who I am meant to be. I am Audrey.
I came to love my flaws slowly and surely. Embraced each scar I got from the experiences from the previous years and instead of having some sort of resentment I chose to take them as lessons I wouldn’t have learnt if I didn’t let myself get into those positions. Silent sense of content.
With the peace and love I planted in my heart, I chose not to dwell in my spiral and clatter of unwanted emotions and set the pace for a tastier life ahead. Somehow. Kinda like Avocado, you sort of have to make up your mind  on which role you would want it to take in your life…for health benefits, in replacement of butter, on your face-hair-or-wherever, in all your food (almost all hehe). Thus, I take life in a pretty different perspective and play around with it in the most creative ways I can imagine and I can say…It is a beautiful experience – a beautiful learning experience cause I cannot qute lie to all of you that I actually know what I am doing.

I hope I have answered all that you had going on in your thoughts about what all this Peace Love and Avocado is about.

Thank you for taking the time to read some of my thoughts.
Peace Love and Avocado 🙂



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