Day 1: 10 Things That Make Me Really Happy

For those who really know me, I am generally a jolly person so, so many things make me really happy, hence this is going to be really hard to narrow down to a list of ten especially when all of them “are important
( whatever I posted on instagram was something similar but with a wrong title,so here goes what I was meant to do)

  Happiness is a vine that takes root and grows within the heart, not outside it.  
Paulo Coelho

1. Music
If I was to start really talking about music, I wouldn’t be able to fully exhaust how much music means to me! It is the only thing apart from prayer that makes me so positive about my day. The only thing I know I can use to hide away or block out whatever may be bothering me, so yes, Music makes me indescribably happy.

2. Connecting with God
There is this beautiful aura that comes with spirituality. Each time I say a prayer I feel like a burden has been taken off my back. The sweet assurance that I have someone watching over me at all times and will never leave me nor forsake me, brings joy to my being.

3. Family
Oh the little joys that come with Family! The things they say and even how they react to each and every situation, melts my heart. I love that we connect always, still have the capability to tolerate each other even at our worst. This traverses to friends who outgrew the title and I am sure as hell they are there for me and I for them always.

4. Food
Every little thing about food excites me. The cooking, the eating…the fantasizing, EVERYTHING! Chicken oh chicken
And to be clear, Avocado is a special fruit in my life, I am not obsessed about it…I just think like coconut, makes things soft and sweet in a unique manner that cannot be explained.

5. Showering.
I could shower even thrice a day and not find it weird. No, it is not because I am a girl and girls like smelling nice flowery and fres, NO! I love showering because in the bathroom do so many things make sense to me. I even discover new things about myself and the things around me. I also love the feeling after showering, its like fresh air. (fresh air makes me happy) – fresh air that comes with some type of relief especially when I really need it.

6. Laughing/ Goofing Around
I am a sucker for joy! I love turning frowns upside down. I believe in good vibes. I cannot stay too serious for too long.

7. Discovering new things
You should just show me something cool right now and wait and see my reaction.

8. Intimacy
I love being in touch. Physically and emotionally. Hugs and kisses are my thing. I may seem mean at times but I actually adore intimacy. It even affects me when intimacy is withdrawn. Like I get paranoid and try win it back. Someone once told me that touch illustrates more feeling than that which is expressed out loud (verbally). From a person or a thing.

9. My Phone
My phone is forever in my hand. I will not get deep into it but…. My phone makes me happy

10. Lipstick
I am sure somewhere out there someone describes me as “hujui ule dame anapakanga lipstick ya red?” (don’t you know the girl who is always in red lipstick?!)  I should make my own one day! Anyway this is one thing I always have with me! It does something to my mood.

The list above is not exactly every little thing that makes me happy, I bet in these days you will learn more about me.

What makes you happy? Let me know in the comments below.

Peace Love


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