Writing Challenge

I know I am the worst for promising something I did not do and so before I say much, I am sorry. 
For a very long time I feel like I have evolved and what I put out there does not reflect what I want of myself and so, I cannot really express myself in the way I would like for very many reasons.
I have been working on a website that will enable me to put all that I want out there and to you my readers.
I miss you. All of you and because of that, I will embark on my little hobby of writing.
This is going to be quite an exciting journey because, I will have a topic for each day and you too may get to see the little change in my personality and constant state of being.
I hope to earn your forgiveness as time goes.
I’ll be doing this with a bosom friend, soulmate… Miss Pepper (feel free to check out her beautiful work and subscribe to her blog too)

I must admit I have started on a bad note and only did my first post on my instagram page @drieeonyango_ BUT I will do a much better one here.
so here we go!
Blogging challengesource: Pinterest

for those interested in following or tagging along with the challenge, feel free and don’t be scared to share your views

Peace love and Avocado


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