Day 4: Someone Who Inspires Me.


That special person has got to be my mama bear.
Growing up, my mother and I have always had a special bond. One that I did not see or understand because as she aged gracefully every day, we had something to talk about even when I wasn’t exactly listening. As time went by and I  grew older, I learnt that she was who I wanted to be. I gained some sort of confidence that I would probably turn out just like her, only, she is nurturing me to be better.
She has overcome all odds and done what very few people have done in this world. She holds us all together and gives so much love even when it is difficult to.
Even in her flaws, I learnt and saw the great power in honesty perseverance and a strong willpower to do all things through the strength of Christ.

she inspires me to a good person who is ready to accept all that may come against her no matter the situation.
I love you mama

Peace Love…
My mummy’s daughter♥


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