Day 6: 5 Ways To Win My Heart.

This is quite an interesting topic to write on especially at this point in my life.
Anyway, I shall not waste your time and get right to it.
For those interested, kindly take note…

Passion for God
Well, I am not the most religious girl out there, but I have a relationship with my Creator, and I believe that once someone in my life has that too then, no matter the religion, we will always have moments of reflection, admiration and giving of ourselves wholly to God. Prayer soothes my heart and so if this quality exists with whoever I am socializing with, then you have found a place in my heart.

Accepting imperfection
Accepting the little flaws we have is often a mission, but I believe that in doing so we show bravery. People with such capabilities warm my heart. I am not that kind of person but I sure am working on being like that one day.
so yes…

By now all of you know how much I love foo…so if you come with food or take me to a place with food, you are my best friend.
GOOD FOOD not just food.

Sense of humour
I love me some sense of humour. Like for instance, when I am overreacting and need to chill, laughter works for me. I love sarcasm too, so when I shoot that at a person, I always pray that they get it and do not get offended.
Just laugh with me is all I  ask.

Bomb Personality!!!
Bomb personality means that what I want or picture as my dream being, should not dictate who you are as a person. It means, being yourself, embracing what makes you you and the one factor that will effortlessly gel with my soul.

I wont say that these are the key factors for a person/thing to win my heart. But all in all authenticity and genuine character does it for me. ALWAYS.


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