Day 8: Something I Struggle With

A dose of my QLC
As a lady in the early twenties I have experienced life in an interesting way and I have learnt a whole lot. Surviving through most days sometimes may be hard because we try so hard to fit into a system we often cannot control and in the end, end up losing ourselves. We are faced with responsibilities and expectations that are often cannot achieve thus giving rise to the little things we struggle with.

Everyday I wake I up and do the same thing. Have the same thoughts and have some sort of routine I am genuinely tired of. “Why don’t I do something about it?” I would if I could if only I had the zeal to live life.
That ladies and gentlemen is what I am currently struggling with. Nothing excites me as much and I feel like I am limiting myself to my comfort zone. I am stuck and cannot get out no mater how hard I try.
I am probably lacking something. I don’t know. BUT I must find an outlet at the end of the day.


Sharing what I am struggling with is a task in itself because there is oh so much that it is overwhelming.
Kindly refer to the “A dose of my QLC”link and learn about the little struggles of life that I am experiencing it may be a post done some time last year…but trust me, the feeling is similar.

Thank you in advance and I surely do hope you enjoy the post!
A dose of my QLC


2 thoughts on “Day 8: Something I Struggle With

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  1. Hey Audrey!!..I like you articles to begin with, they are really interesting and very relatable in real life( I also love avocados haha)..Anyway keep up with the good job and I wish to read more from you.Thanks and Goodday.

    1. Hey Caleb!!
      Avocados are life!!!
      Thank you a whole lot. Really glad you’re enjoying my posts thus far.
      I hope you’ve subscribed to know whenever I post something.
      Peace love and avocado.

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