Day 10: Something I Feel Strongly About.

Wow Day 10!
I feel strongly about Art. Mainly because it comes in more ways than one and for the people willing to be open minded they get to experience in a totally different spectrum. Why do I think so?
Well when you think about it, it is only art that truly connects souls together because you cannot force a concept to a eye which caught a totally different gist. It is only art that says so much through one piece and sometimes no words and countless translations. It offers variety of emotions to different individuals  and situations.

Art is the world and the whole world is art.

I mean from the inception of this universe, the undisputed perfectly created things inside it took time and it is indeed beautiful. Each thing within it has its own unique feature that cannot be found elsewhere. I really do not know if I am making sense, but what I am trying to say in so many words is that I feel so strongly about art because even if it is manipulated or copied or whatever it will never be the same….in relation to me as a person, I feel that I cannot be bent or remodeled to become something like a Beyonce somewhere and I am okay with that because I myself am a piece of art.

Be You. Be Unique…Act like the beautiful piece of art you are. Beautiful.


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