Day 9: Words Of Wisdom That Speak To Me.

Hey Guys!
I have had quite a journey in my life and I must say IT HAS NOT BEEN EASY! For me to reach where I am, all I can say is Thank You to all those who stood by me through it all.
The main lesson I have learnt through this experience is…..IT IS UP TO ME (YOU) TO SEE THE BEAUTY OF EVERYDAY THINGS. 
Growing up, my dad always encouraged us to count our blessings and name them one by one (yes…it is from the count your blessings song) and at that time it did not mean much to me, in fact, by then I would take it as the intro to a looooong lecture about how we do not appreciate certain little gifts life had to offer. No don’t get me wrong, I have and always am grateful for every little thing God manifests in my life, but as I morphed into the lady I am today, I have been served all kinds of dishes from God some of which were really hard to swallow but I overcame. That’s why I am typing this today right?(even though I am late)
With age comes wisdom to some extent and I have learnt to embrace my little blessings by making it a point to see the beauty of everyday things because it is never that serious and chances are, someone may be having a worse day than I am and I am probably perfecting my petty skills.
So for you who is reading this, try smile whenever there is a hurdle you can’t jump or traffic that is not moving…look for the beauty in that day and notice something new in every situation.
It is not easy for me, no it isn’t but I am doing my very best to live by those words.

Lots of love and sunshine….and obviously Avocado.


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