Day 11:Something I always think “What If…” About.

what if

What if what I am to share with you bores you to death?
No that is not my biggest “What if..”

I think by now you have noticed that I am quite the thinker. Meaning for every little thing I definitely have a what if tag at the end of it.

My biggest What if… is “What if we are actually living the before/after life of a some era?”
For so many years I have heard of the before/after life and how two souls meet at a different time and fall in love or simply connect in ways no one understands.
I read a book by Paulo Coelho, Aleph and it got me thinking, Wow! so I am not the only one who thinks like this! hahaha but anyway he met a woman, Hilal a gifted musician (violinist) whom he loved 500 years before, and how their souls connected, and remembered things only they could understand.
I got to learn that life is a journey not only physical but mostly spiritual.
What if this is true, that such a thing actually exists and our souls travel through time in different forms through different people?
What if you have lived through the hardest times and you actually came through just fine because you are where you are just fine?
What if the decisions we are often too scared to make have been made before and worked out or just didn’t and so you should not try at all?
What if the person you are with may truly be the only one you have been loving from the time your soul came into existence…

Do share your What ifs in the comments below!
thank you for passing by!


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