Day 14: Movies I Will Never Get Tired Of Watching.

For those who know me, you know that I do not like repeating movies or anything at all.
I mean it is very rare for me to watch something again, mainly because I know what is about to happen next or the next thing a person is about to say.
I also hate a person already because I know they will break my heart again hahaha yeah…. I do not like repeating movies.
There are however little exceptions to this little rule of mine and there are a few movies that I can watch the whole day without getting tired.

Lion King

I do not even have to explain why I love this movie.
Think I will watch this movie even when I am 90 and still catch feelings. There is nothing not to love about that movie. If you haven’t watched it yet and think Frozen is better, I feel really sorry for you. Really I do!


This is another movie I have watched so many times. I have sang along to every song, I have cried where they need us to, I have partied where need be .  It is pretty obvious I am madly in love with one too.

i AM REALLY THINKING HARD to find which other movie I would repeat and sadly I can’t think of any.
I think I have also unleashed the child in me.
Also, I am not really a movie person.
so yeah.

You could share movies that caught your heart in the comment section below.


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