Day 16: Something I Miss.

What do YOU miss?
This is honestly one of the hardest questions I have been asked to answer honestly.

There are so many things that come to mind when you say you want to know “What I miss”
Well, the first thing that has come to mind is Frozen Yogurt! Yeah I have been craving froyo for a minute and I think it is time for me to actually do something about it! So let us say I will go get it some time this week.
Another thing I miss…. I miss those days when my only worry was if I had missed my favourite show on TV, when a thousand Kenyan Shillings could get you a universe of things…yeah. I miss those days coz at the time, I was just a baby and I did not have to adult as much as I am doing today. Don’t get me wrong, I am totally (somehow) enjoying the little “joys” that come with adulting but that time things were easier than they are now.
I miss some really sentimental moments with some very special people in my life…I think because of the adulting, people have grown and their schedules have changed and so we do not really have time to meet and talk, but I understand that we are at a time or part of growth, but we are still in tune with each other….Others may have left or passed away but,again I understand that this is indeed a part of growth we have to go through right?


Yes, that is what I miss.
This took time to write…but from the bottom of my heart, I think this is what I miss dearly.


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