Day 17: My Zodiac Sign and Whether or not it Fits Me.



My birthday falls on the 26th September…meaning I am a Libra.
Well I can’t say that I took Zodiac signs seriously. I basically saw them on the newspaper  read them sometimes and that was that. Strange thing is, most of the time whatever was “predicted” sort of related to me one way or the other… Like for example it would say that today I will meet certain challenges blablabla and I will come up with a different way of dealing with it but with the help of close people… Guys, I will not even try to lie when I say that somehow such a thing would happen.
I think that Zodiac Signs are in a very big way related to the The Law of Attraction coz basically if we believe in whatever is set on the paper, so does it happen. Anyway, that is a debate for another day. We are here to know if my sign fits me or not.

Hahahaha it is funny someone actually called me bossy not too many days ago. So I would like to believe that this part is true.. I listen to so many people and I care a whole lot even for things I ma not meant to entirely care about. My face may make people believe otherwise but hey…trust me when I say I care.

I suck at Math. That is all I can say about that subject, Hehehe.

I can’t argue about this…Mainly because even when I have school the next day at 8 AM I will not sleep earlier than 12:30…I have kind of gotten used to it plus the constant complaint about how sleepy I am or something. Yeah it is  a problem I am not about to solve.

Trust me I do.

With no shame I keep updating my playlist…I tend to think it reduces the probability of me hating a song coz I have heard it a trillion times. I am obsessed. That is all I can say.

I say this A LOT! And NO this isn’t like getting lost physically lol

“Fun facts about your sign here
”. I speak my mind always, just to avoid any misunderstanding or miscommunication. I think that explains the picture.

“Good Vibes HERE
” My current situation.

I think that’s enough. Lol.
They do relate to me a lot but then again, what if someone just made up these things and the same thing applies to other zodiacs as well??? Hmmm… Who Knows.




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