Day 18: 30 Facts About Myself.

This is going to be a ride! Anyway let’s go


  1. This is the first time in a while I am writing consitently and I am enjoying it.
  2. I usually just have two meals a day.
  3. I have 3 siblings.
  4. When there is a lot going on on my mind, I wake up at 4 am just to really think.
  5. I love food.
  6. When I was  6 I HAD A REALLY HUGE  party. I have never had such a party again. Don’t think I will.
  7. I used to bite my nails.
  8. I think I look funny when I smile in a picture someone else has taken.
  9. I dance alone a whole lot for many reasons.
  10. I love music.
  11. I am an ambivert.
  12. Purple Blue and Grey are my favourite colours. Although lately I have been liking colour red
  13. Trees make me really happy
  14. I am a thinker.. I think a whole lot.
  15. I prefer sentimental gifts.
  16. I love Art. Everything about Art makes me happy
  17. I prefer natural hair. Never thought I would but I did.
  18. I laugh a lot, even at nothing.
  19. I love sleeping. Any time is nap time. My naps take 2-3 hours…lol
  20. I cannot take anyone who doesn’t like cartoon seriously.
  21. I never know what to say when someone says…. ” So tell me about yourself”
  22. One of the highlight years of my life
  23. A year I am so sure will be totally different from the rest.
  24. I joke around a lot.
  25. I have never been open about my writing until now.
  26. I am such a sucker for simple things.
  27. I am scared of insects.
  28. I am such a short human and I like it.
  29. I am always all in or not at all.
  30. I hope you have enjoyed reading this and all my other posts. I often think i am a boring person…so let me know what you think, and like what you liked or better yet Subscribe. Promise I won’t flood your email with notifications!

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