Day 19: My First Love.

(Guys I messed up and published a draft which deleted the original post. So this isn’t quite the original but it is kind of the same thing)

My first Love was my best friend before anything. We met so many years ago and still managed to keep it together till some time early this year (long complicated story for another day). He was the typical guy but had the most G characteristics ever. We shared a whole lot and had a really firm foundation. We would take long walks, have too many inside jokes, bully/ prank each other, call each other out and always found a solution to the problems that may have arose between us.
He was my boy.
The one I’d run to. The one I would tell the dumbest things and be sure of no judgement. The one who would do little things to make me smile…he played his role well I must say.
He also taught me the tough side of life too…through his experiences. I learnt from him that I had so much patience and love to give no matter the situation we went through.
I learnt that I could feel so many things all at once. I learnt that at times, our first loves may not be our forever, but they give us a little glimpse of what forever is meant to look like.
For all this, J.K  I am thankful for an oh so beautiful feeling I am sure I will never forget.
We are no longer in contact, but I wish nothing but the best for him and in life generally.


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