Day 21: 3 Lessons I want My Children To Learn From Me.

Typically, children in a womans world brings some certain joy that no one can explain. I mean, we begin nesting from a tender age and grow fond of the idea that we will be as awesome as our mums. I get like that too. I won’t lie and with that. as a thinker I can’t help but want certain things for my kids.
Apart from acknowledging and having unwavering faith in God and themselves…
I would want them to learn that in this life, everyone has a role they must play. The good and the bad. That is how we strike a balance in life.  People will always hurt us but the love we will share with other people will mend our wounded hearts. That even those we love may hurt us too, but that does not mean that they are the biggest demons that ever existed.
I would love them to always be grateful even for the little blessings. Things come and go, money comes and goes, people too but in all we should give thanks. With this I would want them to learn the beauty of the word “Thank you”.
Lastly among the many, I want my children to Smile through all hard times because peace love and avocado and IT IS NEVER THAT SERIOUS!


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