New Project!!

Hey Guys!!
I want to say a huge thanks for the support you have been giving me! It means a LOT! I know I have not yet completed my writing challenge and it has taken forever, but I am loving the feedback and it is just a few more days till it is done.
Anyway, I have been putting together a few things here and there and I have an interactive project I would love to share with all of you.
So here goes…

I want to tell more than my own story. How? This is how you guys come in.
Basically I want to bring out the evolution of the African people…actually let’s say from anywhere in the world…wherever you are reading this post from!

Telling different stories about different people, in different aspects of life.
No I will not talk about how we are now going to school blablabla… I want to bring out our individual growth…what inspired you to be who you are and where you have come from, your joys and fears, what you are most proud of and why (yourself or in your community)
All your stories will be posted here.
Also, you can always choose a symbol which you believe suits you as a person and your story. It may be your own picture or anything else.
For those interested, and may have any questions…feel free to email me I will definitely get back to you!
Let’s get interactive!
Thanks in advance!
Peace Love and Avocado!


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