Day 23: Letter to Me.

I know I have neglected you for a while now.
I’m sorry.
I have been taking stock. Reflecting on our relationship-how far we have come and where we have come from.
I know it has not been easy or that amazing but we have had beautiful days after experiencing a taste of the apocalypse.
Time has shown and taught us things. I am so glad that somehow you have learnt to be okay with certain circumstances you have no control over… We are 23 now. not much is happening to us but we have tried our best to come out of our comfort zones.
We need to smile more often, I have noticed my thoughts are reflecting exactly what is in our heart- think we have to work on that.I do not really want to say much, but I would love it if we kept going strong no matter the season. Things have been really frustrating these past few months but I promise we will be fine eventually.Keep in mind that all this nonsense is never that serious…so breathe…the situation is not permanent.❤

Seek God before anything else! We are really slacking in that sector. Get it together!
Kindly forge a way of making sure you have money always…we are too broke!

The far we have come I must say I am impressed…

Lots of peace love and guacamole.



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