Day 24: Lesson I Have Learnt the Hard way

Hey guys…

I have realized that I am really bad at keeping my writing promises…so I will stop making that attempt to promise each time I get lost. All in all I am deeply sorry. ❤ I’m I forgiven?

Anyway…back to the writing… There are so many lessons I have learnt in this short life I have lived. Especially this year!!! Gosh. One of the greatest lessons I have learnt is to choose me.

I am the one who is always puting people first. Their bullshit…their joys…their opinions…literally everything a human being could carry. At the end of the day I look so “Higgy haga” and these same human beings claim to be ‘worried’ about how frail I may be looking. I lost myself deeply in all these emotions, thoughts and experiences

So there’s this time when I was going through some emotional tsunami and I could not get a firm grip on where exactly I was to start coping or dealing with whatever my quarter life crisis had to offer…and as I vented my heart out to one of my closest humans…she asked me if I had taken time to reflect on what I wanted coz to her it felt like it was more about these other people. I won’t lie..I needed that somehow and it’s worked out a great deal. People may feel like I have shut them out or I’m a bit colder but I’m really sorting my house out. As we all should. Yeah? Thanks Mesh❤

Hope this spoke to you somehow… Lots of love beautiful people…

Peace am love and Avocado!!!


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