Taking Stock: January

Hey guys!!! I know I deserve a tag “slacker”. BUT 2017 will be pretty different coz I believe I shall experience some sort of growth…hopefully… It will spread here too yeah?!

I must apologise for how bad I have been with writing to you lately… To be honest, I have been experiencing some serious cloud of writer’s block. Sad huh? I know. BUT I believe this post will keep you posted with whatever is going on in my life. This is my first “stock taking” by the way!

Making: Plans for the day! Its 5:55am lol.

Cooking: Nothing for a while 😦

Drinking: Lots of water lately. Loving it!

Reading: The books I didn’t finish in 2016. SHAME

Wanting: New lipstick

Looking: For new concepts to bring into my blog.

Deciding: To make today different from the usual.

Wishing: I had more money! It’s just never enough.

Enjoying: Each little moment I get in touch with my being.

Waiting: For the sunrise.

Liking: My early mornings.

Wondering: What I did in the previous life. Hahaha

Loving: 6LACK’S new album… (FREE 6LACK by 6LACK)

Listening: To my body.

Considering: To cut my hair again.

Buying: Clothes

Watching: The Big Bang Theory! Pretty interesting sense of humour in that series!

Hoping: I’ll be more productive with my year.

Marveling: At how much I see my mum in myself especially when I am experiencing some sort of evolution.

Cringing: At the funny headlines in our news these days.

Needing: MONEY! It never really is enough guys!

Smelling: Someone’s really strong shower gel. (It’s either that or she prefers to use perfume as soap)

Wearing: A T-shirt.

Following: Nothing/ No one to be honest.

Noticing: How old I’m becoming so fast! I’m a serious case of ‘gosh umekuwa mkubwa’ on myself!!!

Knowing: I’m in a pretty calm place mentally.

Thinking: About food.

Disliking: January’s snail pace!!

Opening: Doors to amazing new experiences/adventures 🙂

Happy 2017 guys!!
Peace Love and Guacamole!❤


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