#2- Because of Music…

Hey guys!!
Here’s yet another post from a creative. A person who has passion for not only his work but the person he is as a whole. Poppa Don.  He takes us through a journey that did more than contribute to the man he keenly established himself to be.

A bulk of the formidable years of my life were spent in a theological college in Karen, off Dagoreti road. I like to call it the ‘Little Africa‘. I fondly call it so because I was growing up in an environment where my neighbors were either Ugandans, South Sudanese, Congolese, Rwandan & Burundians, but to mention a few. They were families that had come from war torn countries to seek refuge & while at it study the gospel to later go back & rebuild from the ruins of what used to be their homes.
My parents had moved into the theological college after my mom got the opportunity to serve in the Christian Mission Program & an assistant Librarian. My Pops was then a banker. This was early & mid 90’s.
I recall having such a unique potluck of exposure to different African cultures especially when it came to Arts. We used music as a medium to tell stories of Joy and sorrow a like.

In spite of the mental & physical trauma they had gone through, they still had a beautiful story to tell of how peace and gentility is part of the love we all seek. I saw with my very own eyes, the possibility of Africa being One. I lived that reality as a child.
From the get go, I knew Arts was my future & I constantly visualized what I desired to be and as I grew older & my interests in Art starting to gain me accolades, I knew it in me that my talents were the #majorkey
Indeed the journey to where I’m at right now has taken major pints of disappointment.
I have major bouts of doubt in my abilities sometimes because it is a path of countless scars, but I fear only God.
There is one battle that has stood out the longest in my quest for genuine validation and satisfaction in what I love doing the most. I’ve often wondered how reluctant my parents & System has been towards artists.
If I’m an artist then It means I’m an offspring of artists. My father is a low key  genius poet & my mother a singer through out her school years. But as circumstances dictated, their talents were not viable career choices at any level so they did what they could pursuing other interests to handle their responsibilities and make meaning of their lives.
Just as it was near impossible to be any good earning a living off art in their day, the same barriers were inherited into my generation. They pray I take a more defined path as opposed to holding on to what may never be.
The education system scrapped most of the forms of artist expression from the syllabus, making it clear to me as an artist that the system has no room for my artistic genius in their corridors.
I look at these odds stacked against me & it gave me a Strong back bone. I chose to push it and I will see it to the very end. Instead of complaining & hoping things will change, I found ways to make sure my revenue from arts keeps growing & I celebrate the little victories, however insignificant they may look.
I’m a word smith and a scribe whose desire is to tell the truth in the most natural sense I know.
I’ve learnt patience & Love.
I’m grateful I’m growing & thankful for life.
There is Hope in adversity & A Future when you employ will Power.
Peace, Love and Avocado!

For those of you who are interested in sampling his music you can do so by contacting him on his Instagram page @Poppa_Don_254 with details such as your email address and you will get yourself 28 songs selected by him for you (his best tracks) for only 500 Kenya Shillings. Or you could otherwise stream his music on Soundcloud Poppa Don

Go Listen and share your thoughts with us.


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