Taking Stock: Cap 2 of 12

Hey guys! So a few of you might have noticed the mistake I made a few days ago…sigh.
I posted an incomplete post while truing to edit. My apologies!
I surely do hope that your month has been interesting and fulfilling… mine has been exciting to some extent and boring to the other. Such is life huh?
Here comes my taking stock for the month of Feb…
Any questions or suggestions are very much welcome.

Making: A plan on how exactly I am going to complete my trillion assignments.

Cooking: Nothing still…until further notice.

Drinking: Water now…but lots of fresh juice every lunch hour.

Reading: My Land Law notes in a few as I do some research.

Wanting: New Lipstick!!! SOMEBODY PLEASE!

Deciding: If it is necessary for me to cut my hair.

Wishing: I had enough money! The money just comes and goes!

Enjoying: my new earphones! I swear I am treasuring alone time more because I can disappear into my musical world without interruptions.

Waiting: for the moment I get done with this thing called school.

Liking:  How low key my status has been lately.

Wondering: which hairstyle to try out next!Naturalista sisters..please come through!

Loving: Tonight – R2Bees ft. Wizkid

Listening: THE SPREAD EP 17 – How to Make Her Cum. Check this podcast out guys…

Considering: Colouring my hair maybe.

Buying: Someone a pretty house gift.

Watching: Nothing too keenly at the moment.

Hoping: To maintain a clear state of mind all through the year.

Marveling: at how fast I am growing!

Cringing: at the heat wave in my room/ probably Nairobi every night.

Needing: Juicy burgers and a nice chill day with bottomless cocktails with my best human. 

Smelling: My mango shower gel!

Wearing: A towel coz I have just hopped out of the shower.

Following: Nothing and No one.

Noticing: That I am a sucker for the most simple things with special people.

Knowing: This post is way overdue but not really mainly coz I managed to slip it at the end of the month! woop!

Thinking: What I could do to make this blog more fun for you too.

Disliking: how slow I am with this posting business

Opening: a new chapter..3 of 12:2017


Peace Love and Avocado!


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