In the Mirror I Saw…

It has been a while since I really looked at myself in the mirror.
You know…really examined my reflection.
Until a few days ago.
I couldn’t help but notice that I am slowly aging… the happiness in my eyes is getting more and more vague but I promise you I feel fine I just think a lot.
I can’t seem to understand why my eyebrows are not so proportional anymore.
“I should go see my eyebrow guy!”
AH! another thing to add-on my Million things to do before the week ends.
I swear this list never ends!
My mood has been pretty meh lately. Not sure if I am going through an emotional roller coaster but I haven’t exploded yet.
That means I have nothing much to worry about.
I wonder how long I can drag this procrastination game though.
Is it possible I am adding and losing weight simultaneously?! I am probably choosing to over eat and under eating whenever my mood feels like it.
So what do we do about that? Maybe I shouldn’t be thinking about it.
Is my hair really growing?I swear these natural hair concoctions stop working at some point. Or I’m I doing Natural wrong?!
I read or heard from someone that our hair low-key lets us know what’s going on in our bodies…
Is this really something i should have on my mind on a Monday especially now that I seem very worried about the “stunted”growth of this mane of mine?
I feel like I have started this adulting thing on the wrong foot maybe?
I’m hungry!
Wonder what I will have for lunch today anything other than fries or rice?
Is this voice in my head a bully!

My legs begin to feel a bit numb from the standing.
I don’t give up.
I wonder what would happen if I decided to work out!
I think I have gotten used to my not flat tummy.
That’s a good thing yeah?
I should probably get ready now!
This cry for red lipstick and a whole lot of bacon needs to be heard already.
I am not going to go all the way with this makeup application.
…just need enough to stop the people I meet from asking which type of 21st century disease my immune system has decided to dance with.
Do people ask themselves these questions?
Let me distract myself with some music as I dress.
I shall be so late for this class! But it is okay…
I use “I” a lot!
Am I narcissistic?
Jesus Vice news! We need to have a conversation on the break we are about to take.
I am getting tired of staring at myself…
To be honest I am happy  to see the growth in myself..not too proud of some things I put myself through…but I have some really tough skin!
I look and feel stronger than I look.
This is definitely a plus right?
Slow progress.
But I think this way I can polish the tracks I tread on.
I will soon love my flaws unconditionally..
All needs time.
I wonder when I shall do this again.
Stock was taken and we moved on.
Do not really know how to end this post…but isn’t that the point of having solo convos?

Aluta continua with Love and Avocados.



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