Taking Stock: Cap 3 of 12

Making: Changes on my blog! Changed themes! Let me know if you like it.

Cooking: …still nothing.

Drinking: A cup of coffee

Reading: about East African Integration.

Wanting: a vacation. or let’s just say a trip away from Nairobi.

Deciding: on how exactly I want my week to go.

Wishing: I had the power to push forward time.

Enjoying: My weekends a lot lately.

Waiting: for lunchtime.

Liking: My cornrows. This will be a thing for a while.

Wondering: What I really will be up to in 10 years.

Loving: Nothing too much.

Listening: Amy Winehouse – Rehab

Considering: To go on some hike or something. Anyone down for that plan?

Buying: food in a couple of hours.

Watching: Taboo.. Thanks Magz.

Hoping: You are liking my latest content. I am on some current where I am trying out different things…so do you like it? and what would you want to see?

Marveling: at how paranoid I can be around animals! Anyone with a logical reason why. I am not exactly an “animal touchy Oh My God I must own you” person with animals… but I am so awkwardly spooked by animals. (had an incident with a monkey recently and I can’t stop staring at the window!!!! HELP!)

Cringing: at my appetite. I am like a totally different person!

Needing: a distraction of my normal routine.

Smelling: Coconut oil.

Wearing: Chill shorts and a top. 

Following: Stories on Vice News about people’s different personalities and their different belief systems as we all try co-exist in one same space.

Noticing: how in touch I am with myself.

Knowing: I am growing more and more observant.

Thinking: of going for a public lecture on social justice in a few. 

Disliking: how drought is more than a season. 

Opening: A new Chapter…not entirely 4…but I am working on something with some few people…hopefully You will all love it.


Peace and Lots of Loving,


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