P E R S P E C T I V E!

I spend so much time alone lately.
I do not know what it is exactly about socializing with the human race that makes me so exhausted.
I have not been out in days and now I am slowly getting in touch with my being…
No! I am not about to start telling you I am about to embark on a journey of healthy foods and drinks everyone is on coz “I feel a bit heavy and bloated”…for those with these super powers…KUDOS! BUT to just let you know the vibe I have been on for the past 48 or so hours.

Anyways…back to the story.

I am slowly getting in touch with my inner self…and I like it.
I like it because, I do not exactly know how to hide the emotions I am experiencing. I do that a lot by the way. I am aware of exactly is going through my brain.
Not too sure if I have grasped this concept in my heart.

I try.
I need to try sobering up a little though.
I’m probably getting too comfortable.
I can easily sit and do nothing all day.
yes…I feel nothing.
Sade has become my best friend. I listen to her voice mostly in the evening when there isn’t so much noise.
Sweet Escape?
I believe so.
In a perfect world…she’d be singing in my wedding. If I actually do get married.
Hope to!

I digress from the real reason why I decided to initiate this conversation with you. Yes. You.
Have you ever thought of how life would be if we all had our little ” I’m trying to figure myself out ball?”

Would it be ideal to embrace body positivity by breaking down the various constructs we are often confined to?

Why is it so easy to fall down when you need to stand the most?

Why is it that we must experience pain to fully enjoy and treasure happiness.

Life for me has been a crazy journey… I have had to go through things I wouldn’t think I could alive… I’ve even started falling in love with my flaws…well mainly because…they are mine. I love and learn everyday that all I have no matter what time of the year or month constantly is me…my presence and energy comes from me before the rest. I hope someday you’ll feel the same way too!

Peace love and Avocado!!


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