A dose of my QLC (Part 2)

It has really been a minute since I let you guys in on what the world has had me thinking about. It has been frustrating trying to get exactly what to say to be honest…BUT!
I promise, I am still thriving in the usual Quarter Life Crisis.

Is that really something to gush about?

Anyway I really am.
I have a strong conviction that  once you clock your mid-twenties…life feels like you are on some sort of auto-pilot mode but we learn how to thrive. Somehow.Right?
This is the time we get to have secrets no one knows…you are allowed to be a dumbf*ck and call it “swag”. Wait do we say swag anymore? We are mostly allergic to people…but still hang out with them. We rarely take any advice from anyone…listen to mellow semi rebellious music which helps us cope with this disease called people.
This is also when we identify our side hustles and try get money out of it (side hustles heavily dictated by what some celeb you love is doing or did that made them cash…or some conspiracy theory you watched somewhere just as long as it won’t get you too tired for things you really like..like Netflix and chilling or moving from one app the the other memeing)
Life is sort of beautiful (YOLO) and ignorance is truly bliss at this time…”what you don’t know won’t kill you” I get like that sometimes…but we honestly crave for more.
Have I mentioned how the economy keeps messing up with most of our plans? Yeah! Most of us now are tarmacking looking for jobs, starting families, or just tryna get some make up we are sure we won’t use for as long as we try convince ourselves to and yet NO ONE WANTS TO GIVE US MONEY! (You must have 15yrs experience and you’ve just graduated is an example of what I mean) This mess is so real we call it a crisis when ideally it really isn’t… Its reality. Beautiful huh?

We still thrive anyway. We have to! Coz what will we haunt our kids with? Maybe we’ll say things like “In our time we used to use bundles! Safaricom would ration the bundles into “affordable bundles”. That will be thee most scary unbelievable story those little ones will hear.

Love is so many things…which only grasps the few who found each other before this crisis and decided not to separate and left us the people who don’t even know how to smile properly in pictures wondering if there was a class we missed somewhere, but we eventually find the ones we like to keep around, for either our own benefits or actually for a lifetime (without planning).

Going halfway through this I kind of feel like I have really complained…but it is what it is.
Where I am at personally is somehow comfortable. I have become very accustomed to what life has to throw at me mainly by convincing myself that IT IS OKAY!  I take a step at a time. I haven’t figured life out…Lord knows we all have different shades of problems and crises.

But I promise things will work out somehow..just decide where you wanna be and make sure the people around you dictate how you really are on the inside. Assort them and make a cocktail of different personalities who build the character we lack oh so much…

Hope you enjoyed this. Ironical if you did, speaking literally…so let us say this instead. If you found this post very “relatable”…. Like share and comment.

Peace loving and all the things that tickle your fancy.



One thought on “A dose of my QLC (Part 2)

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  1. Haha..Nice one. Total relatable. Kwanza the part of rationing bundles. When you are at your twenties you are rebellious, adventurous and trying to keep up with the Jonases.This is only time of your life you are ‘allowed’ to make mistakes.

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