Taking Stock: Cap 5 of 12.

First, I must put it out there how my laptop has been driving me all shades of insane…Hence the very few posts of late…anyhu.. not to worry, I am officially on holiday- kind of- and I am hoping to finally get it fixed.
Otherwise…May has been pretty hectic with the exams and all but I can gladly say that the storm is over.
I have realized that I do not open up as much as I used to… especially to my loved ones and of course you guys here…so I hope to experience the most and involve you in my growth.
We are halfway through the month…and as usual, I have gotten together a few points of a kind of 360° reference of what this May has been like for me…

Making: Plans to fix this rickety box called my laptop.

Cooking: Dinner most of the time, now that I am home.

Drinking: Water… Today, a friend of mine mentioned how he drinks about 3 litres of water… I call that super extra-ordinary

Reading: Sexual positive blogs lately.

Wanting: I have over emphasized on my need for this red lipstick.. whoever cares…it still counts, BUT now I am kind of in need of much more than things that make my lips pop lol.

Deciding: Whether or not I need to do my eyebrows or let them flourish into a bouquet of brows and the manage a perfect slay when I trim them…
(Sorry holiday mode is on full blown so my priorities may not be right for a while I think)

Wishing: One of my oldest friends Dullah a happy birthday (17/5)

Enjoying: Paranoid by Kanye West (listening now)

Waiting: For my sleep to decide its time to interact fully with my bed.

Liking: The weather lately.

Wondering: What I wanna do to my hair… all ideas are welcome.

Loving: The fact that I can do all the things I was subconsciously doing during exam season.

Listening: Love Galore- SZA ft. Travis Scott EVERYDAY! I am OBSESSED with this song!

Considering: Joining the children’s Ministry in my church. (All saints Cathedral)

Buying: Nothing 

Watching: Lots of documentaries. All kinds of recommendations are welcome.

Hoping: To make the best of my time at home and Judicial Attachment.

Marveling: At how few known creative writers are in our continent.

Cringing: My reflex reactions lately.

Needing: Some sort of distraction preferably away from Nairobi.

Smelling: My natural hair products.

Wearing: chill wear…does that category exist? If not…IT SHOULD

Following: This question needs to be removed from this stock taking!

Noticing: My growth.

Knowing: I am so so so much need of a vacation far away.

Thinking: It’s impossible to think when Migos is screaming in your ear.

Disliking: How I have refused to relax.

Opening: Nothing this time.

That’s all from me…for now.
Lots of Loving and Guacamole!




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