Where I have Been.

Hi you!
As usual…this shall be a conversation we have that may not make sense…but go along with me anyway.

So I owe you an apology because I feel like for the past few months I have not been able to be myself. Myself enough to let myself be in this space.
I miss those days when I would sit down and just write-anything that would come to mind would join in a puzzle that would form a picture that made sense.
I have not been able to put my thoughts into words and with that all I could give to you were “Stocks”
As a normal human, I have been feeling and letting myself grow from each experience. I am truly grateful for each breathing moment.
I have been through a phase where I felt like I was not being honest with myself and I couldn’t bring you all into that with words which did not depict who I am as an individual.
I have gotten to a point where I am sick and tired of being tired, so here I am as ME…by telling you where I have been. Maybe together we can find some sort of clarity.
I have been really busy with work! Like only God and my special person know how often I have “tomorrowing” these posts. I have been doing my judicial attachment and wow! I have met so many beautiful souls who have opened my eyes to so many realities of this life we live in. I have also gotten a taste of the real 8-5 schedule which I must say is very MONOTONOUS! So like most of you… I am tapped out by lunch time usually.
I get to see how the system of the law works…IT IS NOT LIKE WHAT YOU SEE ON TV TRUST ME! All these super lawyers manufactured on your TV’s universities. Really, y’all should take some time and go to the nearest court house and listen to the absurd shit people do with their free time. I think it has been one of my most interesting “holidays” in my life.
At this time of the year, I am at home. So in between work I am at home. It’s a cosy place…so I am always here. Pretty hard for me to leave this place.
I am cooking more, being pushed to the edge sometimes… Let us just say that I am growing stronger skin to face all of you out there when I go join my next semester.
My mum always emphasizes on the need to just take everyone as they are because it is what makes Life…Life.  Hurdles exist which make youwish life had an app youcould edit characters… but I am okay with the way it is, somehow.
That is literally where I have been.
I will do my best to show up here in the best way I can.
lots of love,


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