In the Mirror I Saw…

It has been a while since I really looked at myself in the mirror. You know...really examined my reflection. Until a few days ago. I couldn't help but notice that I am slowly aging... the happiness in my eyes is getting more and more vague but I promise you I feel fine I just think a... Continue Reading →


#3- Because I just…

For the last few months I have been counting the strings I need to tie up before I end my life. Some of my friends would never believe this, me, who always has a ready smile, the chatty happy drunk, this adventurer who would try anything once. Let me tell you psychological issues are a... Continue Reading →

#2- Because of Music…

Hey guys!! Here's yet another post from a creative. A person who has passion for not only his work but the person he is as a whole. Poppa Don.  He takes us through a journey that did more than contribute to the man he keenly established himself to be. A bulk of the formidable years... Continue Reading →

Taking Stock: Cap 2 of 12

Hey guys! So a few of you might have noticed the mistake I made a few days ago...sigh. I posted an incomplete post while truing to edit. My apologies! I surely do hope that your month has been interesting and fulfilling... mine has been exciting to some extent and boring to the other. Such is... Continue Reading →

#1- Because Of My Mother…

Hey people!!! So finally I start putting out the beautiful little pieces you shared with me to define the person you have grown to be. It has not been an easy trip but step by step I am learning to understand and appreciate who I am as a unique being. Below is a story from... Continue Reading →

Taking Stock: January

Hey guys!!! I know I deserve a tag "slacker". BUT 2017 will be pretty different coz I believe I shall experience some sort of growth...hopefully... It will spread here too yeah?! I must apologise for how bad I have been with writing to you lately... To be honest, I have been experiencing some serious cloud... Continue Reading →

Day 25: “Thinking”

think·ing ˈTHiNGkiNG/ adjective 1. using thought or rational judgment; intelligent. "he seemed to be a thinking man" synonyms: intelligent, sensible, reasonable, rational; logical,  Well... this days topic can't exactly be put in words coz honestly I do not even know where to even start. So I am meant to think of a word, google it and write something that... Continue Reading →

Day 23: Letter to Me.

I know I have neglected you for a while now. I'm sorry. I have been taking stock. Reflecting on our relationship-how far we have come and where we have come from. Progress. I know it has not been easy or that amazing but we have had beautiful days after experiencing a taste of the apocalypse.... Continue Reading →

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